About NECA and the Benefits of Membership

Code of Excellence

The Code of Excellence was envisioned by the IBEW 8th District nearly 10 years ago as a local program to bring out the best from the workforce in order for signatory contractors to satisfy the customer’s needs. It focused on three goals:

  • A job built on time and under budget
  • Restoration of a sense of pride in craftsmanship
  • Strong recommendation by customers

In 2007, the NECA Executive Committee decided to adopt the Code of Excellence as Category I language, meaning every agreement between NECA chapters and IBEW locals would include enabling language stating that each area should develop and adopt its own Code of Excellence with some minimum guidelines. The IBEW has also agreed to this proposal. With this, the Code of Excellence program became universal across our industry, while customized to address the specific needs of different regions.

The publication titled This is NECA describes who we are as an association, and what we do on both the national and local level.

NECA National is also an excellent resource for our local members.  The national website contains information regarding the association, benefits of membership, and various publications and services offered by NECA.

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